Dynalon 12 has been developed to be used for the construction of large meshes for the front part of pelagic trawls. Dynalon 12 is extremely strong and with its compact and aerodynamic construction, it is designed to save fuel. The rope is a perfect balance and is extremely fast and easy to join eye to eye.






  • Extremely high breaking strength: Only surpassed by Dyneema®.
  • Fuel saving due to its compact and aerodynamic shape.
  • Perfectly balanced due to the 12 strand braided construction of the core rope.
  • Very low shrinkage in water. Dynalon 12 has already passed through a unique double impregnation and shrinking process.
  • Approximately 26% elongation at break. High resistance to abrasion due to the tight construction of the cover.
DiameterBreaking Strength (kg)Runnage m/kg
06 mm2.10030
08 mm2.65023
10 mm4.10015
12 mm6.20010
14 mm8.2007.5
16 mm10.3006.0
18 mm13.7004.5
20 mm15.5004.0