Netmark A/S was established in Denmark in 1995 by Jørgen Sørensen. In the course of time, Netmark A/S has developed into the present well-known company and year by year its activities have expanded.

In 2003 Netmark A/S established a production unit (UAB Netmark) in Lithuania which is dedicated to the production of nettings and twines. Netmark has also invested in the well-known braiding company Dania Braiding that is producing braided twines and ropes for the fishing industry.

Today the head office is located in Denmark, Frederica which is placed in the middle of the industrial zone. The production takes place in Lithuania. In 2015 Netmark toke over the well-known company Danina Braiding ; manufacturer of braided ropes and twines for industry and fishing.

The last development in 2015 is an expansion of the existing production facilities in Lithuania with 1400m2. The total production space is today 5600 m2.