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Netmark is a Danish company dedicated to manufacturing of knotted nettings of nylon, Dyneema®, polyester and polyethylene. We have 40 years of experience with manufacturing of knotted netting in different fibres for pelagic trawling, bottom trawling, purse seining, aquaculture and other industries.


High quality netting

We are manufacturing twisted nylon and braided nylon netting, handspliced nylon netting, handspliced Danline netting, knotted Danline netting,  Dyneema® nettings and polyester netting. All the nettings from the above mentioned fibres for pelagic fishing gear are impregnated and heat treated for better abrasion resistance, optimal knot strength  and stability and prolonged lifetime. Purse seine nets are produced of black nylon raw material and impregnated with a special treatment which ensures the stability and top quality for your purse seines.

We source our raw materials carefully and follow the quality very closely in order to ensure that all the delivered by us materials are working properly both in the new fishing gear and also in case of repairs when the panels are replaced.


Strong high class twines

Apart from netting we offer all type of twines without treatment in white and black and heat-treated and impregnated in white, black and green:

  • Twisted nylon twines
  • Braided nylon twines
  • Twisted Dyneema twines
  • Braided Dyneema twines
  • Twisted Polyester twines
  • Braided Polyester twines
  • Braided Polypropylene twines


Custom made products

Apart from the above mentioned standard products Netmark offers custom designed products –  often a mix or different fibres –  which are made in order to solve a specific problem our customers may have.


Please note that our sister company Dynamica Ropes can offer a wide range of Dyneema® ropes for various applications within pelagic and bottom fishing.

For more information please visit our website:

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Netmark A/S

Comment if you know what this is?🙋‍♀️

Read more about Netmark:
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Comment if you know what this is?🙋‍♀️

Read more about Netmark:


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